Melleen Automotive Group is re-inventing the track car as you know it, with the Hyperon Trac Hybrid™ sports car! We are combining race-proven technologies with the future of race technologies. The Hyperon’s Trac Hybrid System™ puts the power at your fingertips, literally! You can select the appropriate amount of power for every course condition as it is needed. Our patent-pending traction drive hybrid gearbox uses unique ground-breaking innovations. The torque-multiplying traction drive system consumes the smallest amount of electrical current while creating an unsurpassed amount of added torque. The Trac Hybrid System™ also uses its massive torque as an electronic braking system that works seamlessly with a traditional braking system.


The Hyperon’s distinctive aerodynamic carbon composite body and alloy steel safety cell boasts unparalleled performance and provides the safety and security needed to excel during competition. Using advanced innovative technologies, Hyperon is the dominate force in upcoming hybrid track technologies.



Key Features


  • Parent-Pending Hybrid Drive System
  • Electronic Braking
  • Lightweight Carbon Composite Construction
  • Alloy Steel Safety Cell
  • Adjustable Power Selection
  • Open Source Development